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$2500With a background in documentary photography and over a decade covering people and places around the world, we've taken our love for storytelling and poured it into capturing the most
elegant love stories.
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Amy & Gerard
Our passion for love stories begins with our own!
We did not go to the same school, have any mutual friends or even work together. Our paths crossed randomly at a conference in a place where neither one of us had visited before. In every way our meeting was ordained - completely meant to be and an absolute miracle!
We both had been praying that God would lead us to the person that we were made for and on that beautiful day, both of our prayers were answered! There wasn't a ton to figure out. There weren't any games. We knew fairly quickly and were engaged 9 months after our first date.
It was perfect.
Our marriage, building a family and a life of purpose together has been without question the greatest blessing of our lives. We hope it will be the same for you!
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Amy & Gerard We welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into our world in 2021! She is an absolute star everywhere she goes. We're having the time of our lives being parents.
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$2500Our Weddings have taken us to some incredible locations throughout New York, Washington D.C and Virginia! We love our job!Collection03

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