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A letter to our Couples

Our 2022 Wedding season has kicked off! After countless Weddings together, it is still one of the sweetest blessings for Michael & I that we would be able to pursue our Wedding photography and filmmaking dreams together. We had no idea all the places it would take us and the amazing families we would meet! We’re just so thankful!! 

To our 2022 couples,

Thank you for trusting us with your memories. To make the day extraordinary and to create memories to last, there are a few simple things we have to ask…

Don’t hold back the laughter or the tears. You will be beautiful and we’ll remind you a million times. Please don’t worry about the weather. The forecast doesn’t scare us. We’ll stand in the rain, we’ll freeze with you in the snow and fan you in the heat.. We promise, there will be magical moments in every season. 

As we lead up to your day, can we take adventures? Walk in the fields, climb mountains, explore together and chase the pretty light?

Will you dance your heart out and have an absolute blast on your Wedding day?

You’re the couple who has dreamed of romance, love and storytelling… a wedding that’s uniquely yours surrounded by the people who have meant the most. For your husband or wife-to-be you’ve prayed and on your Wedding day let’s celebrate that!! 

We want to be the best photographers and storytellers we could ever dream to be and we want you to have the most beautiful Wedding photos (& film!!) you could’ve ever hoped for. We promise we’re going to do everything we can to do just that!

Thank you in advance for trusting us. Trust is important. Thank you for listening to our suggestions on timelines and outfits and locations. Most importantly, thank you for giving us … time – time with you to create something absolutely beautiful!  

With each season, we’re scratching a bit more on the surface of our ginormous dreams and it’s already just so good . So dear Blush Wood bride to be, for all of you beauties we’ve met, for those we can’t wait to squeeze and for those who will join the crew in these next few Engagement filled months….

This is your season. Enjoy it. Soak it in. Plan & Dream! You are getting married!!

Courtney & Michael

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